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California Proposition 65

Proposition 65 law applies to any company

operating, manufacturing, or selling its

products in the state of California.

Proposition 65 warnings can be found

on many manufacturers’ products and

packaging, including ours. These warnings

are a result of a California State Law passed

in 1986—the California Safe Drinking Water

and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986,

commonly known as Proposition 65.


The purpose of Prop 65 is to ensure the

public is informed about the potential

exposure to chemicals known to cause

cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive

harm. Proposition 65 requires the State of

California to publish a list of these chemicals.

This list currently contains over 900 chemicals

and continues to expand. The law also requires

companies to provide a warning on their products and/or packaging if they contain these chemicals. As of August 30, 2018 the label must include the name of at least one of the chemicals present in the product. The chemicals on the list can be found in many everyday items both manmade and natural. A warning must be given if a listed chemical is present in a product unless it can be demonstrated that the chemical poses “no significant risk.” For chemicals that can cause cancer, the ‘no significant risk’ level is defined as the level, which is calculated to result in not more than one excess case of cancer in 100,000 individuals exposed over a 70-year lifetime.


What does a Proposition 65 warning mean?


The warning does not mean our products will inevitably cause cancer or reproductive harm. Proposition 65 may be best defined as a “Right to Know” law, and Proposition 65 warnings are not an indication that a product is violating safety standards or regulations.


Some of our products may have traces of various chemicals that are on the list, but they are all a part of the normal manufacturing process or are present in materials used in the products.

It is important to understand that even though a product may contain a Proposition 65 listed chemical, it does not mean that the use of the product will cause any adverse health impacts, nor does it mean that the product is unsafe in any way or manner. Weiss products have always met or exceeded the requirements of applicable product performance, safety and health standards.

Why do some of our products contain the warning?

Prop 65 law applies to any company operating, manufacturing or selling products into the state of California. Weiss products are sold internationally and it would be difficult or impossible to place warnings only on products shipped into or sold in California. At this time Weiss has chosen to include the warning on products regardless of where they are sold to ensure compliance with the California Prop 65 law.

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