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The conflict minerals rule adopted by the Securities and Exchange Commission mandates assessment and reporting requirements for public companies whose manufactured products contain any of four conflict minerals – tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold.


Weiss Instruments LLC is a privately held company and, although not subject to the regulation, is committed to helping our customers comply with the reporting requirements, where applicable.


Weiss manufactures and distributes internationally a variety of products from numerous manufacturers and suppliers. While we cannot fully certify to the contents of all the products we manufacture and distribute,

we have integrated conflict minerals compliance into our supply chain management processes as described below.


Actions Regarding Conflict Minerals

Communication to Suppliers

We are in contact with our suppliers and have requested they provide certification about the existence and origin of any conflict minerals in their products. We are committed to enhancing our ability to track and trace conflict minerals in our supply chain.

Supplier Requirements

Weiss Instruments suppliers who manufacture products containing tantalum, tin, tungsten or gold are expected to implement their own conflict mineral policy and procedures throughout their supply chain. Weiss reserves the right to take appropriate actions including finding alternate sources should a suppliers efforts be deficient.


Communication to Customers

Weiss Instruments communicates to our customers about conflict minerals and can provide a CMRT upon request.


As a privately-held company, Weiss Instruments is not required to file with the SEC.

Information regarding the status of our efforts can be obtained by contacting Weiss Sales or Quality departments.

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