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Weiss Instruments is pleased to introduce our new products. They are the digital versions of our most popular 5VBM Bimet Thermometer, V Series Vapor Dial and G Series Gas Dial Thermometers. The case, stem and thermal system configurations are the same or better except with light powered digital display. They can be considered direct replacements for existing installations and a more modern alternative for new requirements.


Weiss Instruments has been actively engaged in the design, development and manufacture of light powered digital thermometers and pressure gauges for decades. These latest products are a continuation of our lineup of the finest Digital Instruments.


• Bimetal Type Vari-angle with bimetal and industrial type stems. Both come in the same

 hermetically sealed case suitable for outdoor use.


 • Vapor Type Dial Thermometers ranging in size from 21/2" to 41/2".


 • Gas Type Dial Thermometers available in 31/2" and 41/2".


ALL INCLUSIVE RANGE (-50/300°F -45/150°C).

That means that ordering by range is no longer necessary.

Order by dial size and system length only. Less items . . . less inventory.


FULL SCALE ACCURACY. The thermometer can be used anywhere within the range. No need to be concerned with the operating temperature.


STAINLESS STEEL SPIRAL INTERLOCKING ARMOR in place of copper braided capillary.


• No ambient error from temperature of the case or system.

• No elevation effect from the bulb being above or below the case.


• .1°F resolution up to 200°F.

• More readable from a distance.

• No reading error from viewing the gauge from any angle.


• No possibility of a slow leak.

• °F/°C Switchable.

• No bulb size restrictions due to system lengths.

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