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The Weiss Series DG Gauges are used in the measurement of pressures below 10 psi. This line of diaphragm gauges offers an instrument highly sensitive yet durably constructed. Utilizing a thin walled copper-alloy, the diaphragm senses slight pressure or vacuum and expands or contracts. The action of the element is quickly and accurately indicated within 1.5% of full scale range. Some of the uses are filter monitoring, leak testers and LP gas.

CASE-Black drawn steel, with twist lock polycarbonate window.


DIAPHRAGM- Copper alloy.


SOCKET - Brass, 1/4" NPT lower or center back connection.




DIAL - White coated metal lithographed with black graduations lines and numerals.


POINTER- Balanced design, aluminum in black finish.

DG25C Combination Pressure Dial C 100 100"WP&60 oz/in 4L (1/4" NPT Lower)
DG25P Pressure Dial C 145 35"WP&20 oz/in 4B (1/4" NPT Back)
DG25V Vacuum Dial C 015 15"WP&9 oz/in
P 003 0-3 PSI
P 005 0-5 PSI
P 010 0-10 PSI
P 015 0-15" WP
P 030 0-30" WP
P 060 0-60" WP
P 100 0-100" WP
V 030 30-0" WV
V 060 60-0" WV
V 100 100-0" WV

Ex: DG25P-005-4L Pressure Dial 0-5 PSI, 1/4" NPT Lower Connection

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